8 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods For 2021 (Must Read Reviews)

Fishing has for a long time been one of the most popular forms of recreation and entertainment and for good reason. Nothing quite beats the feeling of being out on the water wrangling for that catch of the day.

A good fishing trip can be cut short if you have poor equipment. One of the most important pieces of equipment is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the fishing rod you choose to use. To the untrained eye, all fishing rods might seem the same. But there are a lot of different types and models that have different advantages and drawbacks.

One kind of popular fishing rod is telescopic rods. These portable fishing rods collapse in on themselves, like a telescope, so they are easy to store, transport, and adjust. Telescopic rods are a great choice when you need something more portable than a standard non-collapsible fishing rod. Best of all, telescopic rods are, in general, just as good as regular rods so you won’t be making any concessions by switching from a standard static rod.

We scoured the web and put together this comprehensive list of the best telescopic fishing rods of 2021. These rods have been chosen in virtue of their ease of use, portability, functionality, and overall value.

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Best Telescopic Fishing Rod – Comparison

PictureProduct NameMaterialManufacturerPrice
Sougayilang Telescopic RodSougayilang Telescopic RodCarbon fiber/fiberglassSougayilangCheck Latest Price
Plusinno Telescopic SpinningPlusinno Telescopic SpinningCarbon FiberPLUSINNOCheck Latest Price
KastKing Blackhawk IIKastKing Blackhawk IIStainless-SteelEposeidonCheck Latest Price
Hurricane Mako Telescopic RodHurricane Mako Telescopic RodFiberglassHURRICANECheck Latest Price
Troutboy Black Warrior TelescopicTroutboy Black Warrior TelescopicCarbon FiberTrout BoyCheck Latest Price
Okuma Voyager Travel KitOkuma Voyager Travel KitStainless steel/AluminumOKUMACheck Latest Price
Eagle Claw Telescopic SpinningEagle Claw Telescopic SpinningGlass ConstructionEagle ClawCheck Latest Price
Yongzhi Kid’s Telescopic RodYongzhi Kid’s Telescopic RodCarbon fiber and ceramic constructionYONGZHICheck Latest Price

8 Best Telescopic Rods for Any Fishing Trip

Here is our o-fish-al (yay for puns!) list of the 8 best telescopic fishing rods.

1. Sougayilang Telescopic Rod

Sougayilang Telescopic Rod

Up first on our list is this telescopic rod made by Chinese manufacturer Sougayilang. Jokes about Chinese-brand knock-offs aside, the Sougayilang is a perfectly competent telescopic rod that gives good performance and won’t burn a huge hole in your wallet.

The Sougayilang is made from 8 separate carbon fiber/fiberglass segments that fold down into each other. Carbon fiber is an excellent material for fishing rods due to its low weight and extremely high tensile strength. It has a ceramic-based guard ring that the line can smoothly run across and an EVA foregrip for extra comfort and stability.

When closed, the Sougayilang measures just over 16” long and can extend out to a full 70”. There are multiple sized rods available for fishers of different heights ranging from a 1.8m rod to a 2.7m rod. The multiple sizes mean it is a good option for both salt and freshwater fishing. The handle itself is also telescopic but you should be careful to not damage this part. Elsewise you would have a dead rod end with low stability.

The rod comes with an included reel that has some nice features, but ultimately is nothing special to write home about. For the best performance, we recommend attaching your own higher-quality reel. The rod itself is great and will work with any reel of your choosing, whether it’s a spin-cast, baitcast, or trolling reel.

We also noticed some complaints about quality control. Manufacturer mistakes are common with these kinds of rods as they have a lot of moving parts. Luckily, the product has a 1-year warranty so if something is wrong, you can swap it out.

The one real criticism that we have is the carrying case. Despite how small the rod collapses, the carrying case is big and bulky, although it is pretty tough and durable. To be honest, unless you want to use it to carry extra stuff, you don’t even need the case. The rod itself is small enough to carry alone.

What We Like:

  • Sturdy carbon fiber/fiberglass rod
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Ceramic guides are smooth
  • EVA foam foregrip absorbs shock
  • Affordable

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The telescopic handle is prone to breaking
  • The included reel is nothing special
  • Can collapse during use if not secured properly

2. Plusinno Telescopic Spinning Rod

Plusinno Telescopic Spinning Rod

Many fishers prefer spinning reels as they don’t get tangled as easily, have a good casting distance, and you can adjust drag while reeling in a fish. The Plusinno takes the advantages of a good spinning reel rod and combines it with a telescopic design to create something that fishers of all stripes can appreciate.

Like most good quality rods, the Plussino is made from composite carbon fiber/fiberglass segments. Along each segment are aluminum guides that ensure smooth line casting and won’t tear the fishing line.

The reel body is made from rust-resistant aluminum and anti-reverse gears that prevent reverse spooling. The included reel is pretty decent but you can replace it with something else if you want. The EVA foregrip absorbs shock and gives good stability but this too is removable so you can switch it out for a different handle.

The spinning reel design and long rod length make it a good option for sea and boat fishing. Collapsed, the rod measures just about 17” long and extends out to just over 1.8m. The telescoping action is good and we have not noticed any problems with it coming loose and falling in.

This rod only comes with the reel and the rod but you can also buy a larger kit that comes with the rod, reel, carrying case, a set of lures, and some heavy-duty line so you can get started fishing. The kit would be a good option if you want to introduce someone you know to fishing. Either way, the rod is very affordable and has a good cost/value ratio.

There are some complaints about quality control issues, but the Plussino comes with a 1-year warranty that covers and defects. Otherwise, our only complaint is that the handle attachment segment can break if not handled properly. This would give you a free-floating handle with low stability.

What We Like:

  • Multiple size options available
  • Robust carbon fiber frame
  • Decent included reel
  • Anti-corrosion pieces
  • Affordable

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The handle can break if handled roughly
  • Manufacturer defects

3. KastKing Blackhawk II

KastKing Blackhawk II

Up in third is the KastKing Blackhawk which is perhaps one of the best telescopic rods at its price point. The KastKing stands out due to its very high tensile strength, flexibility, and wide selection range.

First things first, the KastKing uses a 24-ton carbon fiber matrix that has good flexing potential. Carbon fiber is a premier fishing rod material and its high strength means it can be used for virtually any size fish, big or small. All materials are designed to work equally well in saltwater and freshwater so you don’t have to compromise on your fishing style if you want to use the KastKing.

The KastKing also comes in several models, including a spinning reel design, casting design, and inshore spinning reel design. This wide range of options makes it a very flexible choice as you can be sure you get something suited to your fishing style.

The KastKing claims to have “one-piece performance in a six-pice” design. It makes pretty good on this claim too. One problem with a lot of telescopic rods is that vibrations are absorbed by the moving pieces. Not so with the KastKing, though. Precision is high and the flexible solid glass tip section gives a lot of sensitivity that is communicated through the rod with full force.

Another cool feature of the KastKing is that it does not need to be rerigged when you adjust the length. This feature makes it much more convenient to set up and maintain. Each section can be pulled out until you reach the desired length.

One feature we found lacking was how difficult it can be to arrange the guide eyelets. They have a tendency to shift after use which can get annoying to reset. We also thought that a simpler hook loop would be better than the clip style keeper just because that would be easier to attach and detach. Lastly, we noticed that the segments can get clogged and not retract properly if they get dirty, so you have to clean it regularly.

What We Like:

  • Excellent performance
  • Rod feels solid
  • Collapses and extend very easily
  • 14 different selections available
  • Solid reel seat

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Segments can get jammed easily
  • Eyelet alignment can shift while in use

4. Hurricane Mako Telescopic Rod

Hurricane Mako Telescopic Rod

If you want a no-frills competent telescopic rod, then this one’s for you. The Mako is not as lightweight as some of the other offerings but it is a very heavy duty pole ideal for deep-sea fishing and saltwater fishing. In that sense, it’s better built to handle bigger fish.

One thing we like about the Mako is how simple it is. It only comes with the rod; no case, no lures, nothing. It’s a great option if you already know exactly what kind of rod you want and don’t want to waste your money on a poor quality included reel. As such, the Mako is not a good choice for beginner reel masters who might need a bit more guidance on which tools to use.

The Mako has an all fiberglass construction and ceramic guides that do a good job of staying put when extended. This is a common problem with telescopic rods and its nice to see that the team behind the Mako fixed it. The rod itself is exceedingly sturdy and has just enough flex to be comfortable but not so much it’s more difficult to catch larger fish. Despite how heavy duty it is, it has pretty good sensitivity due to the fiberglass.

The Mako comes in a 7” or 8” design so its better suited for larger fish and sea fishing, though you could use it for shore and deck fishing if you are particularly tall. It makes a great rod for bass, carp, or flounder and other larger species.

A few issues though: The rod segments can get stuck if gunk gets into the pieces so clean it regularly. We also did not really like the clear carrying tube, but it works fine without it so it’s not really that big of a deal. Consider investing in a nicer carrying case if you need one for this rod.

What We Like:

  • Extremely heavy-duty rod
  • Great for deep-water large-species fishing
  • Long design
  • Excellent price point
  • Extra padded handle
  • Simple no-frills design

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Difficult to open/close
  • Not good for smaller fish
  • Not a great option for beginners

5. Troutboy Black Warrior Telescopic Rod

Troutboy Black Warrior Telescopic Rod

True to its name, the Troutboy Black Warrior telescopic rod is a force to be reckoned with. This exceptionally durable medium to the heavy fishing rod is made from a carbon fiber/e-glass composite material that has suitable flexibility without compromising on raw power. The Troutboy is a great rod for heavy=species fishing and makes a good carp or bass fishing rod.

Despite how heavy duty it is, the Troutboy is surprisingly light. The reel seats are made from stainless steel with anti-water corrosion treatment so it works great as a salt-water rod. The rod sits around 18” when closed and can extend to a full 6 feet when opened. It’s a bit longer of a rod so it’s good for boat and sea fishing, not so much for dock and shore fishing.

In a move that subverted our expectations, the included reel with the Troutboy is actually pretty decent. The basic model has a 5:1 gear ratio, which gives enough torque for 10-11 lbs catches. Like our other offerings, the Toutboy can easily fit in your backpack or bag when closed. There are 9 different versions you can pick from, including an adjustable handle version.

The one problem we had was that its a bit difficult to attach the line and reel once you get it open. It’s also pretty hard to open in the first place and like most telescopic rods, it can get stuck if dirt or sand gets into the grooves. Unfortunately, this is a problem that is just inherent in the design of telescopic fishing rods and can only be fixed by cleaning the Troutboy after every use.

Lastly, the rod comes with a 1-year product warranty that will protect your purchased form manufacturing errors. Overall, the Troutboy is an excellent telescopic rod that works great for beginners and intermediate fishers.

What We Like:

  • Heavy duty but lightweight
  • A great mix of flexibility and sturdiness
  • Very affordable and multiple available options
  • Decent included reel
  • 1-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Telescopic segments can get stuck
  • Adjustable handle version can break if handled roughly

6. Okuma Voyager Travel Kit

Okuma Voyager Travel Kit

Sitting at 6th is the Okuma Voyager telescopic rod. This entry is a bit interesting as it comes with the rod, reel, and carrying case with included tackle box. The extra features of the kit make it a great choice of gift for someone who wants to get into fishing.

Ok so technically the Okuma is not a telescopic fishing rod as it does not collapse in on itself. However, the design philosophy is very similar and it’s just as portable as a good telescopic rod. This 6’ rod breaks down into 5 pieces that fasten to each other via a series of screw threads. This does mean it takes more time to assemble than a regular telescopic rod but the functionality is similar. The 5-piece design makes it extremely easy to carry around.

Speaking of carrying around, the Okuma kit comes with a convenient nylon travel bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. As an added bonus, they include a clear tackle box. The tackle box is nothing special but it’s a nice gesture nonetheless

One thing we like about the detachable construction is it eliminates a common problem with telescopic rods. The rod can’t get jammed with dust and dirt so you never have problems taking it apart and putting it together. The case itself is small too so the rod remains pretty portable.

The included reel is pretty solid, but you can switch it out for a superior one if you’d like. It is designed for trout, bass, and panfish and has some pretty good reviews. The only problem we found is that the screw threads can wear down if you screw the rod too tight

What We Like:

  • Nice modification of the telescopic design
  • Does not get jammed or clogged
  • Comes with nylon carrying case and free tackle box
  • Decent included reel
  • Great beginner fishing kit

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Might want to replace reel if you are more experienced
  • Threads can wear if pieces are screwed too tight

7. Eagle Claw Telescopic Spinning Rod

Eagle Claw Telescopic Spinning Rod

Our penultimate selection is the Eagle Claw Telescopic Spinning Rod. the Eagle Claw is a great pick for fishers who want a versatile rod at a fair price. The Eagle Claw has one of the most compact designs in a portable rod that we have ever seen and can collapse to smaller than 1.5 feet.

Fully extended, the Eagle claw is just 5.5’ feet long. That is not very long as far as fishing rods go which is why the Eagle Claw is a good pick for casual fishers who want to fish for light-weight species. It’s small enough to carry in your backpack, bag and weighs nothing so it’s super convenient when hiking or camping as it won’t add much weight to your total load.

The Eagle Claw is a moderate action and medium power rod so you can catch a decent variety of fish, though it won’t handle larger species very well. The Eagle Claw does not come with a reel which is a good thing if you already know which reels you like. Too many telescopic rods spoil the picture by including junky reels that are no good so we are glad they left it out this time.

The Eagle Claw also has ceramic guides that let the line glide smoothly when using a spinning reel. The flexible construction has the right amount of giving but it’s not too flexible. It’s definitely a budget rod, but it’s a budget rod that works very well considering the price.

What We Like:

  • Super simple design
  • Short rod good for small species fishing
  • Very portable and lightweight
  • Extremely affordable
  • Multiple rod length options

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not incredible quality
  • Eyelets can get unaligned from use
  • The handle is not great

8. Yongzhi Kid’s Telescopic Rod

Yongzhi Kid’s Telescopic Rod

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Yongzhi kid’s fishing rod, perfect for the budding reelmaster. The Yongzhi might be a kids rod but it performs excellently and will help your child learn about the wonders of fishing. It is extremely lightweight and extends out to 60” so it’s the perfect size for young children around 3-4 feet tall.

Since it is a kid’s rod, the quality of the reels not amazing, but it’s perfectly competent for a young fisherman. Even though it’s a budget option, the rod is of good quality and should last at least a few years. It’s made from carbon fiber and has ceramic guides, features you see on full-size fishing rods.

One of the cooler features is the Yongzhi can be converted between left-hand and right-hand retrieve so it will help your kid figure out which leading hand they are more comfortable with. It also includes a full set of fishing hooks, lures, and bobs so your child can learn the ropes. It’s the perfect gift to get a young one into fishing and is not just a toy that will break after a few uses.

The Yongzhi also comes with a convenient orange drawstring bag that fits the rod and all the extra equipment. It’s very affordable too so you won’t be throwing a bunch of money away if your kid doesn’t like it.

What We Like:

  • Small design perfect for kids
  • Remarkably good quality for a kids rod
  • Comes with hooks, lures, and bait
  • Carbon fiber and ceramic construction

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The reel is not the best quality
  • The orange carrying bag is a bit flimsy


There is never a bad time to get fishing and a good telescopic rod might just be what you need to gain a new appreciation for the sport. Telescopic rods are very portable but have the same performance as regular rods, so you should definitely grab one to add to your rod lineup.