Daiwa Opus Saltwater Spinning Reel Review

There are different types of a fishing reel that you will on the market today. The most common type of reel that is widely used by fishermen is the spinning reel. This is a product that has an open-faced design, and it is very easy to use as compared to the other types of reels.

This type of fishing reel has a great line capacity, and you can buy one that has an extra spool. This will make it easier to change your line. If you are looking for a perfect spinning reel that will not frustrate you, you can consider buying the Daiwa Opus Saltwater Spinning Reel.

The reel is available at very reasonable costs, and it offers the user a flawless performance. It has all the essential features that make up a good reel which is ideal for fishing. The reel is easy to drag and provides a very smooth retrieval.

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Features of The Daiwa Opus Saltwater Spinning Reel

Daiwa Opus Saltwater Spinning Reel is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Daiwa Opus Saltwater Spinning Reel is a one of the best in our Fishing Reel List.
Daiwa Opus Saltwater Spinning Reel

4 Stainless-Steel Ball Bearings

The 4 stainless-steel ball bearings combined with 1 roller bearing with infinite anti-reverse provide a very smooth performance. This ensures that you achieve accurate fishing depending on the type of fish that you are fishing be it in freshwater or saltwater.

Anodized-Aluminum Handle

This is one of the most comfortable reels handle that you can ever hold. The machine-cut anodized aluminum handle has a soft touch knob to provide you with a comfortable grip.

This will provide you with perfect control when you are out there fishing.

Lightweight Aluminum Spool

The spool is an important part of the fishing reel. This is the part of the reel that holds the line, and it is visible on this spinning reel and other bait cast reels.

This reel has a lightweight and durable aluminum spool that works perfectly well.

Digital Gear Design

A great fishing reel should offer you with power and speed. This Daiwa Opus Saltwater Spinning Reel is designed with a digital gear design to provide speed, power, and durability.

This is a very dependable and reliable reel that you can count on for perfect fishing. It is built o provide you with long-lasting use.

High Gear Ratio

This fishing reel is designed with a high gear ratio making it faster to retrieve the bait without racing the handle on the reel or wrenching your wrist.

This ensures that you get a steady retrieval all the time. When you are using this fishing reel, you need to turn the handle on the reel in order to engage the gear that will turn on the spool.

Having a high ratio will help you when you are pulling fish closer to the surface.


  • The reel is reasonably priced
  • It performs perfectly well with no flaws
  • Works pretty well for left and right-handed people
  • It is very easy to set the drag
  • The reel has a smooth retrieval


  • Cases of the bail arm being tight at first when using the reel

Features at a Glance

  • Extra Heavy Action in Fresh Water
  • Heavy Action in Salt Water
  • Roller Bearing – 1
  • Ball Bearing – 1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Can this reel accommodate a 40 lb test line?

A: I think it can. I currently use a 30 lb mono and it works perfectly well.

Q: Does this reel have a reversible handle?

A: Yes it has a reversible handle. You will enjoy fun fishing moments with this equipment.

Q: Does it really change the position from left to right?

A: Absolutely. This is the best reel that I have ever purchased. It has a smooth action, and it casts amazingly well.

Final Verdict

The well-designed fishing reel will be ideal for people who fish on a regular basis or people who just go fishing for fun and adventure. The performance of this Daiwa fishing reel will impress you.

It performs way much better than other counterparts on the market today. The reel will hold perfectly well on heavy rigs, and retrieving is also effortless. Fishing will never be interesting if you do not have the right product that will help you achieve your goals.

Inventing your money in purchasing a durable fishing reel like the Daiwa will definitely offer you with one of the best fishing moments. The reel can be used in fresh and saltwater.