‘What Now? Tour’ – America’s Most Successful Comedy Tour?

WhatNowTour.com was originally launched to provide information about Superstar actor, comedian Kevin Hart’s massive International World Tour on the heels of his hugely successful domestic tour of the same name.

The ‘WHAT NOW? TOUR’ kicked off in the UK on January 20, 2016.

Kevin Hart is one of comedy’s biggest stars with a celebrated and award-winning career that has seen the talented entertainer become one of the industry’s most important and influential voices. With nearly 24 million Facebook followers, over 36 million followers on Twitter, and over 87 million followers on Instagram, from all over the world, the ‘WHAT NOW? TOUR’ gave his extensive fan base an opportunity to see him live, including first-time stops in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, and South Africa.

Kevin’s 2012 comedy tour, Let Me Explain, took him across Europe including a sold-out performance at London’s O2 Arena. In addition to sold-out tours, Kevin’s DVD, Seriously…Funny, not only became one of the fastest-selling DVDs of all time but went triple platinum. That special, along with his comedy shows, Laugh At My Pain and I’m a Grown Little Man have been just as popular on Netflix.

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